Made in Del Rio, TX
Grown in Miami, FL.
Playin’ in
Harrisonburg, VA. 

That’s Me.
Caitlin with her signature cheeky smile and a sunflower
I’m excited for design to take me further.
I’m a musician, creative writer, and designer with a passion for telling impactful stories that seek out everyday beauty with a child-like wonder.
If you want to brainstorm a design idea or just have a jam sesh, I’ll bring the speaker, my cheeky, squinty smile, and we can share a pen and page while making something
Caitlin standing in a sunflower field

I graduated with a B.F.A in Graphic Design, a minor in Creative Writing, and a cumulative GPA of 3.9. 
My hard work over four years was recognized by the James Madison University School of Art, Design, and Art History, and I received the highly competitive Senior Achievement Award.
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