Web Design
Webflow, Procreate

Project overview: Design and develop a storytelling website. The topic is open ended. Your story could be: A Personal Story: a “why I’m here” approach, Story behind a product or service, Story of a brand, Encouraging action through the
completion of a narrative, or Educational
Project goals: Define the audience: Who is this story for? How will they respond to it? How will they take action because of it?
Define the message: What are you trying to say? Why are you saying this? How can you tell this story through text and visuals?
How do you want your users to feel? (if the idea is complex break it down and deliver it in small pieces). What method from above will you use to tell your story (ie personal, product, brand, call to action, educational). How will design principles be used as a storytelling element? (Voice and tone, pacing, point of view, emotion). What is the call to action? After engaging with the story what do you want viewers to do? Do you want them to buys something, or trust you, take action, donate, etc.).
Project Details: The site must be responsive (fit the size of a mobile device as well as a desktop computer). The number of pages is flexible. Generate enough content to tell the story and keep the site from feeling empty. Be sure the content clearly explains your message. The written content and visuals should be cohesive. Take the time to make sure they go together. Remember to include titles, a favicon, and metadata. Each page must have a logical title element that identifies both the website and the topic of the page. The home page title may include just the site name, but a tagline is helpful to explain more about the company. Subsequent
pages must each have their own specific title tags. Your site needs a custom 32px by 32px favicon uploaded through Webflow. Each page also needs a Meta Description Tag. You must use at least 3 advanced techniques (video, transitions, animation, parallax effects, interactions, etc).

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