Information Design, Publication Design, Illustration, Typography
Adobe InDesign, Procreate

Design Objective: Demonstrate skills and abilities to execute a complete project from start to finish in a short amount of time all the while showcasing an
ability to develop strong concept, layout and aesthetics. In nine hours, the work should be well crafted, well designed, and appropriately executed. Design a lucid description of a particular process as an information graphic. This project combines information, type, image and sequence while further refining aesthetic abilities in the typographic structuring of information. Continue to explore the inter-relationship of typography, photography and/or illustration. Consider the dynamic use of space in relation to format and explore the possibilities for typographic variation while maintaining maximum clarity as the primary goal.
Process: 1. Choose a topic, 2. Gather Information, 3. Typographic Studies and Image Development, 4. Design, 5. Build Final Typographic Layout Studies​​​​​​​
Project goals are:
• Clear typographic structuring of information in describing a specific process.
• Image development with a clear understanding of content.
• Research and analysis resulting in a distillation of essential steps for a given process.
• Emphasis placed upon semantic clarity with the simultaneous goal of exploring and understanding space.
Type Studies

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