Illustration, Motion Graphics, Interactive Design/Immersive Experience
Adobe After Effects, Procreate, Artivive, Adobe Premier Pro
Design Objective: design an experience or proof of concept based on the theme of an Immersive 2D/3D Experience. 
Specifications: 18" x 24" poster designed around a concept and theme. The concept and theme are open-ended, but this should qualify as 'design.' Design static and motion pieces to interact with the 2D poster in Artivive. There should me a minimum of 6 augmented pieces to compliment the 2D poster. Mix both static and video augmented content. The content should display at different depths (z-axis) throughout the experience.
The concept I chose for this poster was to engage the audience in exploring flora commonly found in a backyard. For the research and references, I found and used "Vick's Floral Guide," 1885 Edition.

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