Publication Design, Information Design, Illustration, Book Binding
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

This project involved researching and designing a Social Sustainability Report for a company. While analyzing information, this project allowed the study and understanding of the development and structure of a multiple page layout. The design, organization, and structure has an appropriate creative vision for the company's message. The information comes from the company's corporate website and Certified B Corporation page.
Design Challenge: Gain deeper understanding of research, concept and methodology; investigate and experiment with layout over multiple pages; explore paper sourcing (sustainable/eco-conscious), binding techniques, formatting, pacing of information, visual possibilities inherent with publication design; and further understanding of type and hierarchical organization and understanding of “Green Design” and production.
Design ParametersMust be at least 28 pages total. Company research should include Mission statement, information about the company’s B-Corp certification and what is a Certified B Corporation. Include the chart that gives the company’s B Corp score and re-design the chart. What does the company do that is a sustainable practice for the environment. Further information that discusses future sustainable goals. Call-outs or quotes from the company’s information. At least one information graphic detailing a sustainable practice by the company (original design based on content research, not found). Board of directors, contact information, etc. Documentation of found imagery as well as a colophon. Size cannot be smaller than 6”x 8.75” or 8.75”x 6”; up to 4 colors; either 4 spot or 4 color process; use photography or illustration. Research sustainable practice in graphic design which includes recycled paper.
Process Brief

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