Package Design, Brand Identity, Screenprinting
Silk screen, ink, Stonehenge paper
For our Third Editions in Introduction to Print Making, I chose to design, build, and print 7" Vinyl packaging according to my branding as a professional musician. The assignment requirements were to print the Edition using at least 5 colors, but the dimensions were up to the designer. The Design Challenge I set for myself was to (1.) create extremely detailed line work in the illustrations to push my printing registration complexity, (2.) design the illustrations, type, and over all packaging to be an interactive experience for the audience, (3.) print variations of color combinations. The result accomplished was 5 illustrations, 7 printed colors, and13 impressions in total.
Fun Fact: The song titles on the back label of the packaging are songs I wrote that will be on my first EP (coming Summer 2023)! You can listen to them for now on my Instagram @cfernandezmusic.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek at my printing process. (And turn up your volume to hear the audio!)

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